A t, we have an experienced team of staff members who can explain the different options available when you need help with the your roof . Whether your old roof can reasonably be repaired, or if it’s indeed time to re-roof, expect only an honest evaluation and the best of a wide range of options we offer to get the project done for you.

R e-roofing is often times the easiest solution, and therefore also the first-offered solution from many roofing companies, sadly however it is also the most costly solution. In an effort to provide the best value and service possible to our clients, takes the time to accurately determine the extent of your roofing needs and your options for solutions, working with you to meet your budget.

Available Repair Services

  • Storm Related Roof Repairs

  • Wind Damage Roof Repairs

  • PVC Pipe Boot Replacements

  • Rotten Roof Deck Replacement

  • Roof Lightning Damage Repairs

  • Stove Pipe Sealing & Maintenance

  • Skylight Replacement & Installation

  • Roof Jack Replacement & Installation

  • Drip Edge Replacement & Installation

  • Ridge Vent Installation & Replacement

  • Roof Repairs Related to Critter Damage

  • Chimney Flashing Repairs & Installation

  • Weathervane Replacement & Installation

  • Rain Diverter Replacement & Installation

  • Poor Workmanship Related Roof Repairs

  • Repairs Related to Poor Quality Materials

  • Missing or Damaged Shingle Replacement

  • Valley Flashing Replacement & Installation

  • Turbine Air Vent Replacement & Installation

  • Solar Power Vent Replacement & Installation

  • Sidewall/Headwall Flashing Repair & Replacement

  • Low Profile Static Air Vent Replacement & Installation

  • Solar Reflective Tube Skylight Installation & Maintenance