Roof Repair Tune-Up

Roof Repair Tune-Up

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Here's the Deal:
$369 for a five-point inspection of your roof by a roofing specialist and a $369 credit toward repairs.

*Caulking of exposed nail heads or at seals of penetrations - up to three penetrations not to exceed one tube of sealant.

*Replacement of missing or damaged shingles - up to three areas not to exceed one bundle of shingles.

Photos taken of any additional areas in need of maintenance and a plan of action presented.

One-year workmanship warranty.

The Real Deal:

You already know how important your roof is to your home. Protect your investment with a comprehensive inspection and tune-up!

*no combination of either caulking or shingle replacements are to exceed three areas.
*2-story roofs and steep roofs do not qualify for this offer.